5 Reading Tips for Bookworms

If you consider yourself a bookworm, it’s time to discover a world of books at your fingertips. With millions of physical and digital titles available, you have plenty of interesting options. Whether you like the fantasy genre or prefer to escape in a stirring biography, we’ll show you how to make your literary experience more inspiring. Check out this list of tips for avid readers, and then use your discoveries to start a routine or try new reading-inspired gadgets. A few simple adjustments will have you reading more often or enjoying new book genres.

1. Upgrade Your Reading Essentials 

What do bookworms love as much as a good book? Useful reading accessories. Valuable items for readers include blue light blocking glasses and reading glasses with magnification. Nowadays, you can shop online for best-selling reading glasses for men and women. Buy comfortable, stylish frames from the comfort of your home. How about a book light? These handheld accessories come in a rainbow of colors and easily attach to book covers and tablets. Perfect for on-the-go and bedtime reading, an adjustable model offers the perfect amount of light in a dim setting. The best book light bulbs are bright enough to see the text but soft enough to make for a comfortable reading experience.

These days, there are many style options for every personality and face shape. Discover timeless and on-trend reading glasses for women, including delicate cat eye glasses and chunky soft square eyeglasses. Or browse classic and trendsetting styles for men, including adventurous aviators and flattering angular eyewear. Book stands and book page holders add extra support when you’re reading a gripping mystery or novel. Stylish metal bookmarks and magnetic bookmarks make it easier to save your spot.

2. Carve Out Time to Read

Even the most inspired bookworm can struggle to get reading time. Schedule a portion in your busy day, and you’ll find it easier to meet your reading goals. Grab your book in the evening before you go to bed. Or consume a chapter every day at lunchtime. Picking the same time each day can make it easier to remember. You can even leave a reminder on your smartphone.

How long should you read each day? The ideal reading time depends on the bookworm. Some people find that 10-15 minutes of daily reading makes it possible to get through their book list. Others prefer to read longer, for 30-60 minutes at a time. Do what feels comfortable for you. You can always adjust your speed or reading schedule. Another helpful way to carve out time to read is to enjoy your book in new places. Read while parked in the school car line or while waiting in the lobby at the doctor’s office. Take in a chapter while you picnic at the park. Read out loud with a loved one or stay inspired with a monthly book club online or in person.


3. Get a Library Card

Books are fun to buy at the store, but your bill can really rack up. Don’t have the budget for every book? No problem! Take a few moments to sign up for a library card. Your local library has many of the same classic novels and bestsellers you find at the bookstore. You’ll also have access to thousands of digital titles.

Use the library’s search engine to discover books and authors. You can also explore by genre. Some library systems offer their search services from the comfort of your computer. Compare your reading list to the books available on their shelves. Meet your reading goals for a fraction of the cost you would spend if you bought every title and author. With a library card, you’ll have access to more books than before. Many library systems also have special events. Join a book club or register for literary discussions. Meet local authors and ask them about their writings.

4. Try Different Genres

Longtime readers could find themselves in a reading rut. This is totally normal! If you’re bored with your usual genre, it may be time to switch it up. One way to experiment with new books is to try something unique. Graphic novels are fun because they combine dramatic and colorful illustrations with creatively placed and easy-to-read typography.

A story collection packs experiences and action into a small yet powerful space. A memoir or an autobiography offers a rich personal story from the storyteller’s perspective. Travel books can give you a new look at nature and adventure, while true crime books are an exciting mix of gripping non-fiction and tantalizing suspense. Check out a science fiction tale or buy a best-selling dystopian novel. Magical realism books offer a creative way to explore complex issues. Women’s fiction is an excellent choice for those interested in the growth or discovery of a female protagonist. Learn something new with historical fiction or escape into the unknown with a modern romance.


5. Explore Audiobooks 

Audiobooks are another excellent option for busy bookworms. They don’t have the same physical appeal as a print book, but they’re a useful alternative for frequent drivers or those with a busy lifestyle. Audiobooks can be helpful when you’re experiencing eye strain or want to rest on the couch. You’ll find most of the same titles in audiobooks as with books in print.

Discover autobiographies and memoirs narrated by celebrities and political figures. Or listen to popular modern novels narrated by famous comedians and actors. Listen to lengthy literary novels from the comfort of your car. Or use audiobooks to brush up on a new subject. There are many ways to find and download audiobooks to your digital devices like your tablet or smartphone. Search your app store for the most popular audiobook stores and subscription services. Shop for a specific title or browse for something that suits you. You’ll find plenty of affordable digital books ready for instant download.

Make Reading Easier and More Enjoyable

Whether you’re new to reading novels or are an established bookworm, there are ways to make your experience more enjoyable. Read where you feel comfortable with the tools and gadgets that help you see typography and text. Shop for reading glasses and blue light blocking glasses when you need magnification or to block harmful blue light from digital screens. Get creative with your reading schedule, and then use audiobooks and apps for quick access. Register with your local library for perks and access to thousands of best-selling titles. A few simple adjustments to your reading routine can help you to enjoy and read more books.