8 Spring Color Trends to Look Out for This Upcoming Season

If you’re getting ready to create your spring wardrobe, we advise you read this color guide before you make any major moves! This past Fashion Week was filled with beautiful colors that we cannot wait to incorporate into our spring wardrobe. And while monochromatic outfits and neutral colors may be ruling the fashion world right now, that doesn’t mean sporting bright colors for spring isn’t the way to go.

We aren’t sure if it’s because we have all been cooped up in our houses for almost a year, but the runways have shown us style like we have never seen before. And that includes colors, print mixing and matching and new ways to style different patterns. Following suit, this spring is no different, and we predict that we are in for another year of bold and bright fashion. So buckle up!

Whether you’re a fashionista who likes to keep it minimal or you like to pack a color punch, here are our favorite spring hues that will bring spring clothes for women to life!

Mellow Yellow

The yellow hue has been trendy for quite some time, but this spring, we are seeing a unique take on the color with a deeper and richer shade—think less neon and more saturation! Yellow tops for women are a great way to work the color into your wardrobe seamlessly. If you’re feeling bold, melt different shades of yellow together for a fun monochromatic look. However, if you like to keep colors to a minimum when it comes to your outfits, opt for an accent in this deep yellow shade, like some cute sunglasses. Every outfit could use a pop of color!

Everything Chrome

If you’re a fashionista who loves a little bit of sparkle in her look, you’re going to love this spring tone. The silvery chrome color took Fashion Week Runways by storm. Chrome and silver pieces have always looked polished, while also being versatile as you can find chrome pieces for every occasion. While you may think of this shiny hue as being more fitting for a formal occasion, you could easily wear a chrome or silver pair of boots with a pair of ripped jeans. If you are looking for a more formal outfit, however, you can easily opt for a fitted chrome dress that’s shiny and elegant. If you’re not a head-to-toe chrome gal, you can always style accents like a pair of heels or jewelry. And don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of your own boundaries with a chrome look this season. You won’t regret it!

Spring Color Trends 3.jpg (Feb 16, 2021 02:46pm)

Saged to Perfection

You will be seeing a lot of green this season, but more specifically, earthy-tone sage green clothes and another funky green that we will discuss below. Sage is a really beautiful muted green tone that looks amazing in organza—which is a material you will see a lot of this year. Sage gives every outfit a refreshed and renewed vibe. So, if you’re in need of a mood booster or something to elevate a classic look, this is the way to go.

Chartreuse Everything

Chartreuse is sage’s funky cousin that was made for the bold fashionista. This bright green shade has been seen in statement trench coats or small shoulder bags. Either way, we love using this color to create a bold statement. You can bring any outfit to life with a pop of chartreuse.

Beige Basics

Since monochromatic looks are hot right now, beige is also getting its time to shine. If you love light, neutral colors create a monochromatic look with beige. This is a fresh way to create a spring look that turns heads. If you aren’t a fan of monochromatic looks, you could easily pair beige with black to create a contrasting look that’s sharp and sleek.

White Hot

White is always a great color to wear in the spring, but this year the stakes are a little higher. Monochromatic outfits are all the rage right now and white monochromatic looks are definitely turning heads. There are many different shades and hues of white, which makes this an extremely versatile color to work with. We suggest going bold with this color. If you want to create a monochromatic look composed of neutral clothes and whites that you feel more comfortable in, we promise you’ll be the chicest looking person in the room. And don’t underestimate the power of white accents like a chic bag or bold pair of sunglasses.

Spring Color Trends 2.jpg (Feb 16, 2021 02:46pm)

Baby Blues

One thing that never changes about spring color trends is that there are usually many different versions of light pastel colors that give you all the spring vibes. For example, the color baby blue is definitely a hue to incorporate into your wardrobe this season. From muted baby blues to pastels, this shade of blue looks great on any skin tone and also gives you the ultimate fashion it girl vibe. We love to see this shade in slip dresses and cropped sweaters.

Cotton Candy Pink

Similar to baby blue, there will always be colors like pink that make it onto the spring trend watch. Personally, we are really excited for the light cotton candy pink hues to take over this spring. It gives us Y2K vibes, but you can put a new spin on it by creating monochromatic looks or using the color as an accent. Try working a light pink statement duster into your spring wardrobe for a girly look that also appears high fashion.

Even if you’re not one to embrace a colorful wardrobe, these trendy spring colors are perfect for any style and they can be incorporated as much or as little as you would like. Don’t forget to have fun with these colors and take risks if you’re feeling bored with your current wardrobe. And something else to remember: We predict that these colors will be staying around for quite some time. So get ready to see them in summer as well!