Amazon has many competitors in the market. Most of the people only compare the company with other tech companies. But it faces huge competition from various other companies. One such company is Walt Disney.

Like Amazon Walt Disney is also a very popular company, both the companies belong to different industries. While Amazon is an e-commerce and cloud computing company, Walt Disney is mass media and Entertainment Company.

Compared to Amazon, Disney has been in the market for a long time. It is a very popular company. The only thing common between both these companies is that they are a Public Company with stocks in the market.

You can either but Amazon Stock or Disney Stock in the market. However, you need to which stocks are best. You need to compare the stocks of these two companies before taking any decision.

Amazon Company:

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce company in the world. Their e-commerce business is soaring through new heights because of the new pandemic. Sales have gone up. The company is earning more revenue. Most of people are shopping online to avoid crowded markets. The sales have gone up by 43%. The shares are also doing quite good. The EPS have increased to $10.30. It has nearly doubled in a year.

Even before the pandemic, the company was doing well, but during the pandemic, the company has reached new heights. They have 150 million Prime Subscribers. It clearly shows that people trust this company.

Along with e-commerce Amazon is also known for cloud computing. They have a market share of 33% in cloud computing. AWS is very popular. The sales from AWS increased to $10.8 billion. They also have ventured in other businesses.

Amazon's extraordinary 25-year evolution -

Walt Disney Company:

Disney stocks were doing wonders in the stock market before the pandemic. It took over various companies in 2019. The parks were doing really good. But pandemic proved to be really bad for Disney. It has greatly affected the entertainment industry. The parks are closed. Along with that, there is no movie production and distribution. Mulan the most awaited Disney movie is now being released on Blue Ray. As the Covid-19 fear is disappearing, Disney has started gaining back its position again.

Which Stocks to Buy?

While Disney is good for long-term investment, Amazon is pretty safe. If you consider the pandemic, Amazon was able to easily adapt to it. Amazon not only tried to survive but emerged as a leader. They made huge revenue and even created various employment opportunities. So if you consider the entire factors, Amazon Stock is the best option. You can check at for its releases before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.