Everything About Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is based on the interaction of the beginnings of men and women. It is developed to help achieve harmony in a couple’s relationship. The difference between regular massage and tantric is that in the second case, touching the most intimate parts of each other’s body is used. As a result the couple’s sexual life significantly improves.

At the same time, the reciprocity of tantric massage is very important. Thanks to Tantra massage, partners will be able to open the hidden erogenous zones on each other’s bodies, resulting in enormous joy. If you want to receive the highest bliss, you need to suggest to your loved one which part of your body is most acceptable to touch.

Alternatively, some professional masseuses manage to provide tantric massage sessions at a high level. In large cities, like Paris, it is easy to find various massage parlors. It allows clients to enjoy wonderful erotic sessions of hot masseuses of SweetTouch.

Interesting Sides of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage has its own characteristics. Erotic and healing behaviors are highly dependent on how much the partners trust each other and under what conditions they rely on this ritual. In the process of tantric massage, the flow of energy from man to woman flows from the body to the body.

This harmoniously complements and enriches each other. It is often possible to observe that a certified masseuse and his patient become sympathetic over time and sometimes even feel affection for each other. So imagine how much tantric massage can strengthen a relationship with a married couple.

Tantra massage touches the most delicate parts of the body that traditional massages do not allow (feet, ears, pelvis, sacrum, perineum, abdomen, female chest, male prostate, etc.)

Features of Tantric Massage

Massage session always prepares everything you need to provide the proper atmosphere.

  • Comfortable temperature in the massage room;
  • Dimmed lamps and lit candles;
  • Smell plays a big role, so it always has a subtle scent;
  • It is important to focus only on the massage during the session. Mobile phones should be turned off;
  • The right music is included. Complex instrumental pieces are abandoned, and you feel only the rhythm and the barely audible sound;
  • Special oils are used for massage. Their choice must also be made in advance. The selected oil is placed in a container with warm water to achieve a comfortable temperature;
  • Tantric massage often requires a solid surface. Thus, it is very easy to perform it on the floor covered with a blanket. It allows clients to enjoy it at parlors or simply at home.

Tantric Massage At Home

It is possible to enjoy a tantric massage at home with your husband or wife. Each of you can receive the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. Moreover, it improves the connection between people. After preparing a room for such a session, you need to forget about time and not hurry.

The main rule-it is allowed to touch all parts of the body, each of which can turn into an erogenous zone. To do this, all you have to do is imagine how sexual energy emanates from your fingertips, which is passed on to your lover.

You will be able to see that such a touch is exciting and gives even more joy than traditional sex. Regarding the duration of such a massage, it is worth considering only each other’s wishes.