Getting a haircut for a man is no big deal. You can get it on the street for 10 bucks. They will reduce the length so that the hair doesn’t come in your eye, and shave your whole head if you ask them to. However, is that all that you want with your hair? Whatever hairstyle you get is going to stay with you for a long time and is going to define the shape of your face. So you do need a style that is fitting to you particularly. A good barber shop means not just a haircut, but a good hairstyle; and that you won’t find on the street. You will need to actually look for a shop like that. Not to stress too much about it, we have prepared a checklist in this article that you can follow while starting out this quest.

How to find the best barber shop for your needs

Searches like “barber shops near me” or “hairdresser near me” are reasonable while looking for a haircut. However, choosing one randomly and arriving there just like that will get you a hairstyle for sure, but getting a good one in this way is sheer luck. Like every other product, finding a specialized hairdresser for men who can match your requirements seeks effort and research. Below are the things that you should consider while researching for the same.

  • Price: Just like any other product, hairdressers for men also have a wide range in price line. It is a misconception that the more expensive it is, the better it is. Price for a haircut depends on a number of factors, and quality may not always be the major one of them. More importantly, just because it is “branded” and expensive, doesn’t mean it will fit you particularly. So anyway, fix a budget for yourself before you land in the search market.
  • Specialization: Unisex salons work just fine, but when you want some personal style to develop, it is best if you visit a barbershop specializing in men’s haircuts. They will undoubtedly be more trained, more knowledgeable, and more experienced in finding styles for a man. When you are in the shop, do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions. The fitting shop for you will patiently answer your queries because they will be able to. You are well within your rights to check the knowledge of the shop owner and its employees.
  • Rush in the shop: The mark of the excellence of a shop is of course, in its popularity. When you make an appointment for the shop, notice if they have too many free slots, as in, if you get an appointment in a very short notice, especially in the rush hours like lunchtime in weekdays and evenings in the weekends. Move on from that shop. It might be convenient for you, but it cannot be a sign of greatness. On the contrary, don’t go to a shop that is “too popular”. That would mean they don’t have enough stuff to tend to each customer, which means they will not be able to pay the required amount of time and attention to each customer.
  • Service: Remember, you are the one paying for this service, so you should get the best possible one. Just a haircut is not enough, it requires the right styling to make it look perfect on your face. Your barbershop should have the expertise to do it to your hair before you get out of the shop, as well as should teach you the techniques so that you can do them later on by yourself. On top of that, a hairstyle just by itself is not always suitable, you will need the right beard and moustache style to go with it to make you look stylish, and that is also your barber’s job to do on you while you are in the shop, with little to no extra charges.

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  • Time spent on each customer: How much time each customer gets is the measure of how good a service he gets, certainly. While doing your research, visit the shop and check this personally. If the barber is spending less than 15 minutes on each customer, it is not the place where you will get the best of service.
  • Products used: As much as you want a good haircut, the styling products a barbershop uses are also important. Not only are they going to use them on you, but you should be able to ask them for recommendations on the products and they should have enough knowledge to provide you with the same. If they are willing to save money on the products they are showing, they surely are willing to save money on the haircut you will have.
  • Reputation: It is a matter of common sense that reputation of the shop matters the most. It may not only be about how much expertise the barbers in a shop has, but also about their professionalism and treatment of you. If you are trying out the old “barbershop near me”, at least read all the reviews of the place before you go down there. Either way, the best method always is personal recommendation – ask a stylish friend where he got his hairstyle done from.

Find the right hairdresser for men that suits your style

Once you have found the right barbershop, it is important that you choose the right barber for you, because no matter how good all the employees are, there are only a few who can simply “get” you, and stylise you exactly the way you want. Here are some tips to find that special hairdresser for you:

  • He asks the right questions: A barber should be able to ask the exact questions that are going to help him give you the suitable haircut. You are not there to simply get a cheap haircut, you are there to get the right haircut. So questions like “What do you like about your hair?” “What don’t you like about your current haircut?” “How do you want to change your current style?” are the ones you are looking for; and not question like “What number do you want on the sides?”. Asking questions is the way your barber is going to be able to determine the right courses of action.
  • He asks for feedback: No matter how amazing a hairstylist is, he/she will know that every man’s need is different, so satisfaction with a style depends on him entirely. He/she should be asking for feedback in between the job as well as after he/she finishes. Only then you will be able to tell him/her if you need more changes to be done, or you need some more styling.
  • Take a trial run: If you are still not sure if the hairdresser for men that you have chosen is the right match for you, that’s okay – start small. Don’t directly go for a haircut in the first appointment, but go for a shape up or simply a styling for your hair and/or beard. An expert barber should be able to do it easily, without fumbling about; and also give you the exact same service as they would give you had you come for a haircut – which should be again, top notch, as mentioned earlier. If the person passes the trial run, you are confident that he/she will be able to handle it further, so you can make another appointment for the actual hairstyle.


Keep these tips in mind the next time you are thinking of having a new hairstyle for yourself. Going to a barbershop is more than just the haircut, it is about the experience. Your hair and the right hairstyle for you matters a lot, and you wouldn’t want to live with a botched hairstyle. Do thorough research before you start out, and find only a professional and reputed hairdresser for men.