How to Find the Best Purse Hairbrush

You need a purse hairbrush to keep your hair in line. Even those most ‘perfect hairstyle’ gets ruined from time to time and everyone’s hair needs detangling often. Carrying a brush in your purse is the best way to keep your hair looking good and healthy.

Finding the right brush for your purse isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. There are many things you should look for rather than buying the first brush you find.

Here’s what you should know.

Stop Looking at Drugstores

First, don’t buy your travel hairbrushes from drugstores. They sell little travel brushes that may look cute but aren’t good for your hair. You need a brush with bristles that will help your hair, not hurt it.

Rather than looking at drugstores or even your favorite store, Target, look for travel hairbrushes online.

Here’s what to look for:

What a Purse Hairbrush Should Have

Here’s what your travel hairbrush should have:

• Radial bristles to get all tangles in your hair. The point of carrying a travel brush is to be able to detangle your hair. Radial bristles reach all tangles and help smooth your hair.

• Lightweight and easy to carry. No one wants a heavy travel hairbrush. Your hairbrush should be lightweight enough to carry, but powerful enough to do a good job on your hair.

• Full cover that completely pops off. You want your bristles protected, but you don’t want a cover that gets in the way. Your travel hairbrush should be easy to use and protect.

• Ergonomic design that’s easy to use. You want a hairbrush that’s easy to hold in your hand while you’re in the car or handling the kids. It shouldn’t be complicated to use or hold so you can get the most out of it.

How to Know if a Travel Hairbrush isn’t Right

You want to know if a travel hairbrush is right for you. Even though it seems like something so simple, the wrong hairbrush could damage your hair.

So how do you know if it’s not right?

Look for the following:

• Bristles that bend or break easily

• A design that’s hard to hold

• No cover on the bristles, putting the brush at risk of getting dirty or picking up germs

• A heavy brush that’s hard to carry

Who Uses a Purse Hairbrush?

Any woman who carries a purse needs a hairbrush for it. Even if you aren’t the purse-carrying type but carry a bag or diaper bag you need one.

Other places to store a travel hairbrush include your gym back, office desk, diaper bag, or backpack.

When you’re out and about chance are that you’ll need to fix your hair. Even if it’s not messy, detangling your hair often is important. If you leave tangles in your hair, it looks messy, it may break, and it’s harder to take care of.

Make it a habit to use your travel hairbrush when you’re out at least a few times a day. It takes just a minute or two to brush your hair out and get rid of the tangles and it’s the best way to keep your hair healthy.

Get Yourself a Good Travel Hairbrush

A travel hairbrush is crucial to your hair’s health. You need a brush that will detangle, help you style your hair, and keep your hair healthy.

Not just any brush will do. Shopping online for a travel brush is the best way to ensure you get what you need – a brush that is top quality and takes care of your hair rather than hurting it.

When you look online for a travel brush, look for quality bristles, a solid cover, and of course cute designs that make you want to carry your brush and use it. If it has a mirror, it’s even better – you get everything you need in one little tool that packs quite a powerful punch.