How to Use A313 Pomade

Is your skin susceptible to irritation? If the answer is yes, today we’ll bring you a solution for this problem: The A313 Pomade.

This pomade is mostly composed of vitamin A, the champion ingredient in skincare. Vitamin A is known to be helpful with a number of various skin ailments. It can help you if you suffer hyperpigmentation, to relieve acne, and even works as an anti-aging remedy.

What is A313 Pomade Anyway?

The A313 Pomade is manufactured by the industrial pharmaceutical giant PHARMA development, a pharmaceutical laboratory settled in Burgundy, France, which produces drugs, hygiene, dietetic, and French skincare products.

Being a product manufactured by a company with such a large trajectory, you should feel comfortable using it, as this easy and proven formula is just amazing. The A313 Pomade is a cult classic!

This cream contains 0.12% of retinol esters, the mildest forms of vitamin A, and it’s amazing because of that; Vitamin A can be used for virtually any skincare problem or issue. Concretely, it can be used for pigmentation, acne, blackheads, fine wrinkles and to cure post-acne marks. It is recommended when treating skin irritations.

Is the A313 Pomade a Cream?

No, it isn’t. Even though there exists a presentation of A13 as a cream, A313 Pomade is an ointment. Their main difference is that ointments are water in oil emulsion, while creams are oil-in-water emulsions. There are no significant differences between those two apart from their dosage. The A313 Pomade will be more oily and therefore more suitable for localized and really dry skin problems, such as irritant dermatitis or acne.

Warnings About Using the A313 Pomade

First, we warn you to check the product’s list, so you can check if there is an ingredient that can cause you an allergy. Secondly, you should test the product. If there is any allergic reaction or side effect, stop using the product immediately.

Also, we will give you some warnings for the A313 Pomade:

  • Don’t use it on wounded or infected skin areas, wait for the wound to cure before applying it.
  • If you are pregnant, take advice from your doctor before starting to use it.
  • Make sure your skin is dry before the application of the cream.
  • Do not store it above 25 Celsius degrees (77 °F)

If you don’t see results or advances after some weeks, quit using the product, maybe your skin doesn’t tolerate it.

How to Use the A313 Pomade

A313 Vitamin A Pommade from France! What you need to know! — L.A. + Lifestyle 🌴

If everything is fine, you should start applying the A313 Pomade on your skin, following this procedure:

  • Dry off and remove clothes from the selected skin areas where you want to apply it.
  • On a small amount, begin applying the cream in thin layers (expect some itching and flaking at the beginning, this will disappear once your skin gets used to).
  • Create a routine for using this product. Begin slowly, so your skin can get used to it. For example: apply once on the first week, twice the next two weeks and three times for the next three weeks, all this until you know how much cream your skin you can tolerate.

If you create a routine and use it constantly, in a few weeks you’ll begin shedding dead skin cells to reveal healthy skin layers beneath them.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Pomade

Here we have presented you with the definite anti-aging magic weapon, just as the Hollywood Star Gwyneth Paltrow confessed in Goop: “I know an actress who uses it every night, and her skin is spectacular.”

The A313 Pomade will not only let you cure acne or pigmentation, it can also be used to prevent wrinkles. Amazing, isn’t it?