Is your Travel Hairbrush Hurting your Hair?

Most people assume a brush is a brush and there’s no reason to worry about it hurting your hair.

This is wrong.

The wrong travel hairbrush or any hairbrush can hurt your hair. Buying just any brush you find could be the reason you have frizzy, broken, or damaged hair. If you don’t love your hair, it could be the brush you’re using.

So how do you tell if your brush is hurting your hair?

Look for these signs.

The Brush has Sharp Bristles

Sharp bristles mean more detangling, right?


It means damaged, ripped, and broken hair, but many women don’t realize it. Here’s why.

Sharp bristles scratch your scalp and tear your hair. This could damage your hair growth cycles, of which there are four cycles. If you damage follicles in the growth cycle, you may notice thinner patches of hair or even hair loss. We all lose about 100 hairs a day, but use the wrong brush and you could lose a lot more, leading to obvious hair loss patterns.

You can’t Hold it Right

Travel hairbrushes often have weird shapes. They’re made to be compact, but sometimes that means unable to hold them.

What good does a brush do if you can’t hold it right and detangle your hair? If you aren’t detangling your hair, you’re damaging it. Tangles make hair weak. When you finally get to brush it, if you are too harsh, you could prematurely pull healthy hair from your scalp.

Find a portable brush you can easily hold in your hand and properly brush your hair.

It Doesn’t Have a Cover

Let’s talk purses and dirt. Even if you keep your purse clean as a whistle, dirt, and debris get in there naturally. You throw a receipt in your purse or your kid’s toy – who knows where they have been and how much dirt and debris are on them.

Now throw a hairbrush in there with no cover. What does the brush do? It accumulates the dirt and debris that sit in the purse. Now you use the brush and distribute the germs throughout your hair. This not only makes your hair dirty, but it can weaken it too.

Don’t make the mistake of using a portable hairbrush without a proper cover – it’s too risky for your hair.

It’s not Right for your Hair Type

Your hair type determines the type of brush you should use. Some brushes are made for a variety of hair types including straight, wavy, and loose curly hair. Others are made strictly for thin, straight hair or thick hair.

If you use the wrong hairbrush, you don’t do your hair any favors. You probably damage it too. Knowing the type of bristles the brush has and the type of hair it’s made for is essential. Use the wrong brush and you may have the opposite effect of what you intended.

You Don’t Use It

Any brush you don’t use hurts your hair. If you don’t love your travel hairbrush, it doesn’t do your hair any good. You want a brush you are proud to take out and use or will remember to use.

Finding a cute hairbrush that’s a conversation starter and packs a powerful punch for your hair is the perfect combination. You’re more likely to use it, which means healthier locks, fewer tangles, and a hairstyle that always looks good – who doesn’t love that?

Find the Right Travel Brush for You

The right portable hairbrush is the one that’s made for your hair type, has a proper cover, and is easy to hold. Find a brush you’ll use often, getting rid of the tangles, and keeping your hair healthy.

Using a cheap brush from the local drugstore could do more damage than good for your hair. Don’t make that mistake. Find the brush that suits your hair type and use it often. Your hair will look shinier, be less tangled, and hold its style much better.