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Make Life Easier with a Travel Hairbrush

Make Life Easier with a Travel Hairbrush

Life is busy or at least it’s getting busier now that the country is opening up again. Suddenly we have to care about what we look like and are out and about much more.

Whether you’re running to soccer games, going to work, or carpooling the kids to and from school, there’s always a need for a hairbrush. When you have a travel hairbrush with you all the time, it just makes life easier.

Here’s how.

Keep your Hair Untangled

Tangles – no one likes them but they are a part of our life. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, tangles happen. When you’re outside in the wind, they happen often. But they even happen when you’re sitting at your desk, in your car, or cleaning the house.

When you have a portable hairbrush with you, it’s easy to detangle your hair. It’s also a great excuse to take a few minutes of “me time”. As we get back to “normal” life, self-care will be super important, and brushing your hair is just one way you can do it.

Tangled hair gets messy, can cause headaches, and may even cause your hair to break or fall out if you pull on it too hard.

Keep your Brush Clean

If you’ve ever carried a full-size brush in your purse or gym bag, you know what can happen to it. You pull it out to use it only to find a receipt, fuzz, and dirt in the brush.

Do you really want to put that in your hair?

A travel hairbrush with a cover will keep your brush and hair clean. Brushes have a way of picking up everything they touch and when they sit on the bottom of your purse, suitcase, or gym bag, they can’t stay clean. If you’d rather know what you’re brushing your hair with, you need a covered portable brush.

Throw a Brush in your Car, Purse, Suitcase, Gym Bag, and Diaper Bag

Travel hairbrushes are inexpensive enough that you could buy a few and keep them everywhere you go.

Most women carry one in their purse – your purse goes everywhere with you so it makes sense. You should also carry one in your car, suitcase, gym bag, diaper bag, and keeping one in your desk at work.

Think of all the places you go often or the places you spend the most time. What do you take with you to go there? You should have a portable hairbrush with you in those bags or on your desk.

A portable hairbrush helps you get rid of tangles right away, fix your hairstyle, or fix your kid’s hair whose hair seems to have gone every way other than the way you fixed it that morning.

Save Your Back

Carry a purse, gym bag, diaper bag, and kids takes its toll on your body. You may not feel it right away, but over time, the repetitive weight can cause havoc on your body.

Sure you could carry a smaller purse or bag, but then you can’t carry the items you need with you. That’s why downsizing the items you carry is so important. Your hairbrush is one of the easiest things to ‘downsize’ and yet still get the performance you need.

The right travel hairbrush will have a cover, strong bristles, and be ergonomic so it’s easy to use. Why carry a brush you can’t use or one that will get dirty? Instead, choose a brush that will bring you joy and do what you need.

Don’t Leave Home without a Travel Hairbrush

It’s time to do inventory on your purse, gym bag, and any other bags you carry often. If they don’t have a brush in them (with a cover and that’s lightweight), it’s time to add one to your belongings and always have it with you.

A travel hairbrush is life-changing, but don’t take our word for it – get your own and see how much it changes your life. We’re pretty sure you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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