Mastering the Art of Teching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Understanding Teching

What is Teching?

Teching, short for “breaking your fall,” is the act of executing a move to recover quickly after being hit, thrown, or knocked into the ground. It’s a fundamental defensive skill that can turn a potentially devastating situation into an opportunity for a counter-attack.

Types of Techs

  1. Ground Tech: Executed by pressing the shield button right before hitting the ground. This is essential for preventing follow-up attacks from opponents.
  2. Wall Tech: When launched into a wall, pressing the shield button allows you to bounce off the wall and regain control. Mastering wall techs can save you from certain doom near stage edges.
  3. Ceiling Tech: Rare but crucial, this involves teching off the ceiling when launched upward. It’s particularly useful against moves with vertical knockback.

Why Teching Matters

Preventing Follow-Up Attacks

When you’re sent flying by a powerful move, your opponent often aims to capitalize on your vulnerable state. allows you to recover quickly, reducing the window of opportunity for your opponent to land additional hits.

Survival and Recovery

In many situations, teching is the key to survival. Whether you’re being launched off the stage or slammed into the ground, teching provides a lifeline, enabling you to recover and stay in the fight.

Edgeguarding and Stage Control

Teching is not just about defense; it’s also a strategic tool. By teching near the stage, you maintain control and make it challenging for opponents to edgeguard effectively. This positional advantage can be crucial in high-stakes matches.

How to Tech Like a Pro

Practice Regularly

Teching is a skill that improves with practice. Set up training scenarios where you intentionally get launched into the ground or against walls. Focus on timing your techs correctly to build muscle memory.

Use Training Mode Wisely

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Training Mode is a goldmine for teching practice. Adjust settings to simulate different scenarios, such as high knockback, wall collisions, and edge situations. Experiment with various characters to understand the nuances of their tech animations.

Watch and Learn

Study high-level gameplay from professional Smash players. Pay attention to how they utilize teching in different situations. Analyze their choices and try to incorporate similar strategies into your own gameplay.

Mind Your Opponent’s Patterns

Teching is not just about reacting; it’s also about predicting your opponent’s moves. Pay attention to their attack patterns, and be ready to tech in anticipation of their next move. Adaptability is key.

Master Different Tech Options

Learn to distinguish between ground, wall, and ceiling tech situations. Each requires a slightly different timing and approach. Understanding these nuances will make you a more versatile and effective tech player.


In the dynamic world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, teching is a skill that separates the amateurs from the pros. By mastering the art of teching, you not only enhance your survivability but also gain a strategic edge over your opponents. So, hit the training room, study the pros, and embrace the satisfying feeling of turning a potential disaster into a comeback opportunity.