Play Dragon Tiger Online with Real Money

In Asian culture, the Dragon and the Tiger represent two spirits so wildly different and yet at the same time, so similar. They are mortal enemies intricately linked together by destiny. One has sharp teeth, and a furry body, while the other is known for his patience and wisdom from which he takes all his fighting power. One represents the Spirit, and the other, the Matter.

Both parties have their strengths and weaknesses. The fight will take place on a 5×4 grid with 1024 ways to win, with symbols such as golden turtle, green frog, and red rabbit as the crowd watching the battle. We will definitely see sparks flying as soon as the fight starts!


The Dragon Tiger slot features 5 reels and 4 rows that can hold both high-paying and low-paying symbols. There are 1024 ways to win and a 96.5% RTP in play during this online slot.

The symbols landing on the screen came to see a clean fight, so let’s give the people (or animals) what they want.

  • White Tiger: Pays out 7.5x your stake for 5 on a payline
  • Purple Turtle:Pays out 3.75x your stake for 5 on a payline
  • Green Frog:Pays out 3.75x your stake for 5 on a payline
  • Red Rabbit:Pays out 3x your stake for 5 on a payline
  • Blue Fish:Pays out 3x your stake for 5 on a payline

Game Features

3 or more Bonus Symbols on the screen can activate this round. Depending on the number of Bonus Symbols that triggered the feature, you will be playing 8, 15, or 20 Free Spins as follows:

  • 3 Bonus Symbols award 8 Free Spins
  • 4 Bonus Symbols award 15 Free Spins
  • 5 Bonus Symbols award 20 Free Spins

The bonus round can be retriggered if you hit at least 2 Bonus Symbols on the screen during the Free Spins feature. Thus, you can play up to 20 additional Free Spins:

  • 2 Bonus Symbols award 5 extra Free Spins
  • 3 Bonus Symbols award 8 extra Free Spins
  • 4 Bonus Symbols award 15 extra Free Spins
  • 5 Bonus Symbols award 20 extra Free Spins

The Wild Dragon does not land empty-handed. It can hit the reels with a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x. If there are more multipliers on the screen, the game combines all the values, with the product of all Wild Symbol applying to the total win of every Free Spin.

Dragon Tiger game is the closest variant to Casino Games online. With the same probability of winning but the rules are simpler. It is a game that much online gambling for real money rookies chooses to start-up.

Although easy, not just put the money to win. To maximize the winnings and probability of winning. You need to know and prepare carefully before entering the “official competition”.

Betting Position History

Dragon Tiger players all know that the Dragon Tiger betting table usually returns results according to certain rules. To find out the rules, you need to track through the bet history recorded on the website.

Each page has a different design, so to avoid wasting time. You need to find out where the bet history on the table. Also, learn how to read the meaning and symbols of the bet history tables.

Learn Betting Strategies

Although there are not many bet options. But in fact, there are quite a lot of useful and effective betting strategies that rookies can apply. Such as:

Track history to find out the rules of the bet. For example, after each game of Tiger win, there will be at least one game of Dragon winning.

Double Your Wager Every Game Until Winning The Bet.

The most striking is the card counting strategy to know how many high and low cards in the deck. Calculating and predicting the card to be dealt with. However, please note that Dragon Tiger game uses 8 decks, and will be shuffled after the 4 decks have been used up.


Dragon Tiger game is a game that does not require too much knowledge or skill. So just prepare the basic information above and you already have a great advantage.