Prepping For Your Virtual Date

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has forced singles into lockdown, virtual dating has seen a boom. While it does present particular challenges, many looking for love have been forced to use virtual dating to find that special significant other. But it doesn’t have to be so hard!

From making your photos and profile attractive to potential partners to creating the perfect date night ambiance within your own home, there are many easy tips and tricks to make virtual dating easier. When prepping for your virtual date, here are some practical and creative ways you can make the most of the experience. Just because it’s virtual, that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know one another on a more intimate, personal level.

Create a Brighter Smile

A brighter, confident-looking smile makes you more attractive to potential partners. So as you jump back into the dating pool, make sure to pick up a teeth whitening kit to get those pearly whites. Once you have an attractive smile, all you have to do is give it a touch-up before dates with an on-the-go teeth whitening pen you can keep near your webcam.

Add Attractive Photos

Once you get those flashing pearly whites, take some photos of yourself to add to your online dating profile. The trick here is not merely to show attractive photos but also to be authentic and represent your true self. This means avoiding wearing clothes that do not define who you are, such as something provocative when you are more modest (or vice versa). Essentially, you want those who pass by your profile to get to know you in a few images and, if they like what they see, click and connect.

Make sure all of the photos are attractive. Don’t add pictures of yourself dressed in drab clothes under bad lighting or alongside your ex in a group photo. Remember that these initial photos can give a first impression, whether it’s a good or bad one. If you need better photos, ask a friend to take some snapshots of you. Make sure to wear something sexy yet approachable, and style your hair. Add some full-length shots, too. Ultimately, don’t try to change who you are – just be yourself and market yourself well!

Write an Honest Profile

Once you have stellar, attractive photos, write your profile. However, make sure you are as honest as possible. Talk about the type of commitment you are searching for in a partner. Whether you are looking for a boyfriend or are eager to start a family, it’s important to be forthright before jumping headfirst into any relationship. While you are marketing yourself, remember that it’s not necessarily about numbers. In the end, if you are looking for a committed relationship, you only need one person who loves you for who you truly are.

Dress to Impress 

Prepping For Your Virtual Date

When you begin to get some clicks and requests on your profile, make sure to begin prepping for your virtual date. And like any date, you want to dress to impress. This means digging through your closet and finding the perfect outfit that is both sexy and approachable. Although they’ve seen your online photos, your first virtual date will also make a great first impression.

While you might have gotten used to a homebody lifestyle, avoid wearing pajamas or sweatpants that come across sloppy. Chances are, the other person may see this as a sign of disinterest and laziness.

Use a Video Camera

It’s wise to start out slow, moving from online chats to the occasional, quick 20-minute phone call. However, if you both feel ready to deepen the relationship, suggest a video date through Zoom, FaceTime or any number of video chat apps and platforms. Unlike texts or phone calls, a live video virtual date can capture small gestures and inflections.

However, when using a webcam in your own home, there are several things you need to prepare to pull off a successful virtual date. So before your first meeting, make sure to have a dress rehearsal of sorts. Chances are, by now, you’ve found the perfect setup for your work-from-home lifestyle, which includes adequate lighting and a clutter-free environment. But for date nights, you might need to adjust some things.

For starters, you may need to adjust your lighting to enhance your features. Add a light somewhere in front of you and behind the lens. Move it around to find the right angle where the light bounces off your face and creates a soft non-harsh glow. Also, if you are entirely new and unfamiliar with video conferences, get some practice. Make sure to look directly at the camera, not stare at yourself on screen.

Create a Date-Like Environment 

Prepping For Your Virtual Date

Treat your virtual date just like any in-person date. Do you prefer the first date to be at a bustling coffee shop, dimly lit bar or fine restaurant? Change the screen to a fun background to give the impression of where you might like to be. On the contrary, you may want to showcase your home to give your date a view into your home lifestyle, which can offer an even further glimpse into your personality. If you prefer to showcase your home, just be sure to have a clutter-free and clean background – or it could be a major turn-off.

Lighting also does so much more than accentuate your facial features. As a whole, the right ambient lighting can offer a romantic look to the virtual date setting, creating a more intimate environment. Speaking of atmosphere, some soft background music can also add a nice touch to your virtual date.

Ready for Your Virtual Date?

Virtual dating has been around for some time. But since the pandemic, society has seen quite the increase in specialized online dating sites. So whether you are a frontline nurse who’s a sucker for a fellow man in uniform or an animal-loving vegetarian or vegan, take the time to seek out the right dating site to find your particular flavor.

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