Shop Female Empowering Eyewear to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Are you celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) this year? It’s fast approaching – it’s on the 8th of March! Remarkably, it’s been held on this very day since 1911, so it’s a very powerful event. It takes place to fight against the oppression of women and gender inequality. 

Some of the main goals of IWD are… 

  • To celebrate women’s achievements,
  • To raise awareness about women’s rights,
  • To promote gender-parity
  • To fundraise for female-focused charities.

Shop Glasses and Support Women

First things first, take care of your eyesight. With everyone working from home more often and everything going online, there is a much greater risk of contracting digital eye strain. The solution is a pair of blue light glasses, which can be added as a filter to either plano or prescription glasses, so they are available to absolutely everyone. 

Blue light glasses are important because digital eye strain is certainly something you want to avoid. Symptoms include headaches, trouble sleeping and tired eyes. In the worst case scenario, mental health problems may arise as a result. This makes it more important than ever to protect your eyes, and a new pair of glasses is just what you need! The great thing is that this International Women’s Day, you can get blue light glasses at a discounted rate, and support women’s lives while shopping!

How? You might ask… Well, this International Women’s Day (March 8), one of the world’s leading eyewear e-tailers, is supporting both your eye health and female empowerment by offering an 8% discount on all eyewear and 30% off women’s glasses from their exclusive SmartBuy Collection

The SmartBuy Collection is an exclusive brand that provides high fashion eyewear items for wonderfully low prices. Quality is never compromised, and you can choose from the wide range of shapes and colours on offer. There are literally hundreds of pairs to choose from, and prices start from as little as £24, including 1.5 prescription lenses! Sounds great right? That’s not even the best bit…

Not only will the SmartBuy Collection glasses save you money and save you from digital eye strain, buying the frames also helps support women in need. The brand is partnered with World Vision to help eliminate preventable child deaths. The collaboration supports Mother & Child Health programs in Zambia, so we can make the world a better place one frame at a time. And most importantly, support women!

Read on for inspiration on your next pair of glasses from this International Women’s Day.

Flaunt your fantastic fashion sense with rectangular frames from Gucci. With the double G logo on the sides you will be turning heads wherever you go. Plus, the sleek profile is perfect for balancing the features of those with oval or rounded faces. The frames are made from high quality acetate in a sophisticated grey hue. 

Transparent frames are the thing to get right now. They go with every outfit, every occasion, and every face shape. The SmartBuy Collection Chant is a great example of such trendy eyewear, and buying them contributes to the Mother and Child Programme in Zambia too! This is thanks to the brand’s partnership with World Vision, so shop the frames today to empower women across the globe! Prices start from just $24, so what are you waiting for? 

Are you a fan of the pilot shape frame? So are we, and so are the biggest fashion eyewear designers. The Arise Collective Patras is a trendy aviator frame, without the designer price tag. They offer excellent value for money, with stylish purple lenses to make every day feel brighter, whilst giving serious protection against UV rays. Purple is also one of the colors that symbolizes IWD, as it signifies justice and dignity. Take advantage of the 2-year warranty when you purchase from SmartBuyGlasses.

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