Stop Playing Blame Games at Virginia Tech

People are looking to figure out who responsible for the that took place earlier this week at Virginia Tech University. Korean-American companies are all strongly condemning what befell on the University and are expressing concern over the opportunity of retaliation due to what came about. The university is underneath severe scrutiny for failing to shut down the college after the primary incident (see time line) and the police are answering tough questions as nicely approximately the fact that he become under legal scrutiny because of past offenses, but no person could seem to do something approximately him.

Fingers are pointing every in which, besides wherein they belong — at Cho Seung-Hui (image), the wrongdoer of the crimes. Most human beings seem to be collaborating in a comparable sort of “blame sport” that the assassin changed into gambling. The assassin, in his multi-media bundle that he despatched to NBC, blamed each person but himself for the murders he had already completed and those he become about to do. The assassin went up to now as responsible anybody for the crimes he changed into committing. To listen to the media, the tradition, and all of the other chattering voices, there is a remarkable deal of collective validation of his perspectives. The “blame sport” is pervasive in our culture. It differentiates the winners (people who very own responsibility for their conduct) from the losers (individuals who usually blame others).

There have been a rash of “copy cat” threats or even movements inside the days following the VT massacre. These “wannabes” might be harassed due to the bad best of discussion at the subject. You can nearly listen the thoughts jogging via their minds. “Was Seung-Hi justified?” The media does now not appear to recognise. Will I be a sympathetic individual? Look how a good deal attention he has acquired!” It is time to resolve that debate by means of assigning the blame squarely on the killer. We want to awareness our attentions on recuperation the ones who’ve suffered. We ought to ignore this murderer from this second on in remark and now consciousness on celebrating the lives that he took.