What Are The Most Popular Undergarments For Men?

When trying to pick out a good gift for a man, or even when shopping for yourself, it is good to know what’s popular, especially when it comes to clothing. Knowing what is common for men to wear can give you ideas of what’s comfortable for the vast majority of people. There is a variety of undergarments for men so picking the right ones can be tricky.

Tank Tops As Undershirts.

Many men enjoy wearing tank tops as undershirts, especially in warmer months. They are good at keeping you cool because they are sleeveless, allowing the wearer’s arms to still have full breathability. Tank tops make especially suitable undershirts for those that live especially active lifestyles because they don’t affect your range of motion.

T-Shirts As Undershirts

T-shirts are classic undershirts. They are good for keeping the wearer a little warmer, while also keeping sweat and oils from your skin off of your shirt. T-shirts are especially appropriate undershirts in the professional world, as they can keep you feeling clean and comfortable throughout the day. Most men you see in a professional or formal setting will be wearing a t-shirt under their attire.


Boxers are a very popular type of underwear. They are loose-fitting and breathable, usually being made of a very soft fabric. Many men prefer wearing boxers because they find them to be very comfortable. The downsides include a lack of support and not fitting well into tight pants or trousers.


Briefs are the classic image of men’s underwear, although not universally popular among men. They are snug and provide support to the buttocks and crotch areas, while not extending down the thigh. Briefs are great underwear for men that are active as they don’t limit the range of motion and work excellently at providing support and wicking up a sweat.

Boxer Briefs.

Boxer briefs are the perfect marriage of boxers and briefs. They provide all of the support of briefs while covering part of the thighs as boxers do. They aren’t quite as comfortable for working out as briefs because they do limit the range of movement a bit, but they are great for certain body types like men that have large buttocks or thighs. They can help prevent chafing by putting a layer of fabric between the wearer’s legs and the pants and are also very good at wicking up sweat.

Men’s Sock Garters And Shirt Holders.

What Are The Most Popular Undergarments For Men?

These aren’t as popular among the general population but are very popular among those that like to keep looking crisp throughout the day. Sock garters and shirt holders exist for one simple purpose, to keep your clothing where they belong. Sock garters go around your calf and attach to your socks using a clasp to keep them up, and shirt holders attach the bottom of your shirt to the top of your socks using clasps to keep your shirt from coming untucked. Both of these are very popular in formal settings where even a minor wardrobe malfunction could translate to a major blunder.

Undergarments Make The Man.

Undergarments are the basic building blocks of any good outfit. What you’re wearing under your clothing will greatly dictate how comfortable you are throughout your day. Even when dressed to the nines, if what you’re wearing under your clothing makes you uncomfortable it’ll be hard to act confidently. It’s very likely that the majority of successful men you see have taken measures to ensure that they are wearing comfortable undergarments because the more comfortable you feel the more naturally you’re able to act.