When Was the Best French Moisturizer Created?

There’s been a big debate in the greater skincare community for years now. What is the best French moisturizer and when did it hit the market? There are passionate people on all sides of the debate, and things can get a little heated sometimes. With all of the incredible skincare products that come out of France, it’s definitely a conversation that can take hours to resolve, depending on the people having the conversation. There are a lot of factors that might make one product better than another, and even more, factors when it comes to the debate of which one is the best.

Is this a debate that can actually be settled once and for all? The best of anything is usually a subjective rank given by people based on their preferences, so could there even be an objective winner for this debate? It’s hard to say at the moment, so let’s dive into some of the top contenders for this coveted title so you can decide once and for all which product you think deserves the spot at the top of the French moisturizer market. There’s a lot of contention in this debate, so hopefully, we don’t step on any toes. 

Best Up-and-Coming French Moisturizer

While many French moisturizers have years of market experience behind them, one unlikely candidate for this spot is actually relatively new by comparison. The fact that it could even be listed among the established great skincare products coming out of France says a lot about this product in general, and it’s definitely one of the most brought up moisturizers when trying to determine which is the best. France has a reputation for exporting incredible products from every sector from cosmetics to fashion and even to wine. Sounds like the perfect setup for a good night out for many people. 

This product is made by a company called French Pharmacy, which has made it their goal to make French skincare products more easily accessible to American consumers. They believe that no one should have to book a flight to Paris just to enjoy the same level of luxury as the Parisians. The product of theirs that we’re looking at today is simply called Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream Gel. Don’t let this straightforward title trick you, this is a very effective product that is loved by many of its users. 

French Pharmacy has spent years selling and studying the various French skincare products that they sell, and in the time that they’ve been in business, they’ve learned a lot. Everything from France’s infamous “less is more” philosophy to some of the formulas used in their skincare products. By combining their previously obtained expertise along with all of the new knowledge gained from simply observing how already established brands craft their products, French Pharmacy has been able to create something that can hold its own even on the most competitive shelves.

The reason why this newer product is able to compete with some of the already established brands is simple. It gets results quickly and continues to get results as it’s continued to be used. Most users notice results in just five days, with wrinkles faded rather quickly. The Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream Gel is designed to be usable by people with any skin type, sensitive skin, and even most allergies. By making such a strong all-purpose product that can actually do what it has set out to do, they’ve been able to bolster their sales and make it all the way to being considered by many to be one of the best French moisturizers. 

This product has some of the best all-natural ingredients that France has to offer, and the combination is specifically designed to target wrinkles and other dehydrated spots. It’s made to also be used daily with SPF 50 sunblock to offer further protection to your skin. It’s a great product to use in any season and any weather conditions and is sure to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth for a long time. As long as people keep coming back to this product, French Pharmacy is sure to keep refining the formula to create better and better products over time. 

The Best French Beauty Brands That Will Save Your Skin

Best Established French Moisturizer

When it comes to the topic of the best French moisturizer, Filorga refuses to be left out of the debate. Filorga founded the first-ever aesthetic medicine laboratory in France. When this company was first founded, it created injectable products that were almost immediately used by aesthetic professionals all over the world. After entering that market with a huge splash, they turned their sights towards a new venture. Anti-aging topicals utilize a lot of the same ingredients that they were using in their injectable products in the safest manner possible. 

To date, they’ve achieved incredible success in both markets. In fact, they’ve even created lines of complimentary injectables and topicals that can be used in tandem to get even greater results. Of course, you do need to see a dermatologist to get the injectable side of these combos, but many of the people that go through the process report incredible results. Filorga’s goal is to show its customers results within seven days, and in most cases, they meet that goal with resounding success. They’re able to do this because the formulas in all of their products are scientifically driven and tested with the utmost care.

Out of all of the products that Filorga has put onto the market, none grab the spotlight as much as Optim Eyes. This product is a triple-action eye cream that was formulated to tackle dark spots under your eyes, puffiness, and wrinkles all at once. Because the formula is so gentle, it’s safe to add it to your daily routine without having to worry about it irritating your skin. On top of all of that, it provides amazing eye contour that can be added to any make-up look, whether you’re going to the office for the day or for a night out on the town. 

This product is able to give you a refreshed look every time you put it on. The application of this product is simple, all you need to do is gently dab it under your eyes in the morning and in the evening. With its three simple active ingredients, this product really fully encapsulates the “less is more” attitude of the French better than almost any other brand. Because of all of this, it’s clearly exploded in popularity over the years and only continues to gain more and more traction as more people try it out. 

It’s clear why this product is always brought up in the debate of “best French moisturizer” for so many reasons. Filorga really takes great care to provide the highest possible quality products to all of its consumers. The main goal at Filorga is to help as many people fight off the effects of aging for as long as possible so their skin can remain radiant and wrinkle-free all the way into advanced age. For its commitment alone this company demands the respect of dermatology professionals the world over, and with the years of experience that they have it’s no wonder that they keep making better and better products. 

Which Product is Best for You? 

Of course, there are many other solid contenders for the title of best French moisturizer, but what’s more important than an objective answer to the question “which one is better?” is finding out which product works best for you. Everyone’s skin is different, so not every product that someone else loves will work exactly the same for you. That’s why there are so many different products on the market, even from the same brand. Different people have different end goals with their skincare routine, and when combined with the different skins that everyone has, finding an objective best one from any country is a wild goose chase. Fortunately, you can find all sorts of different products and combine them in your skincare routine to ensure that you’re getting the best hydration and protection for your unique skin. 

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