Why You Should Pick Lab Diamonds – 4 Facts Explained

Better known as synthetic diamonds, the Lab diamonds have gained a huge popularity in the present days. Do you know why? Because they are the alternatives of natural diamonds.

They share the same properties and values. Also, the formation process is almost similar. But the key difference is that they are the lab created diamonds UK. Now, most people prefer such diamonds to meet their needs.

In fact, are they worthy to pay for? Well. Let’s check the answers here.

Cheaper Alternative

The first thing is price. If you want to get some natural diamonds, you have to pay a higher price. On the other part, Lab diamonds are cheaper than their natural counterparts. They are grown in a perfectly controlled environment. Hence, the price becomes cheaper.

But a naturally grown diamond needs to mined, where a wide range of issues are interrelated. Therefore, the processing and finalization takes time. And thus, the price goes up.

No Ethical Issues

Frequently, there are conflicts and violence while mining natural diamonds. The process claims live and invites disasters as well. The people working at the diamond mines are also exploited. They are never paid the proper price of their labour.

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On the contrary, the lab created diamonds UK are free of such issues. There are no ethical concerns as the diamonds are grown in laboratories. However, the stone formation goes the same pressure and procedure as the natural diamonds. But there are no issues of conflicts or violence.

Superior Quality

Do not worry about the quality of the synthetic diamonds. They have the same quality as like the natural diamonds. The laboratory environment is controlled sophisticatedly to form the stone. The stones undergo high pressure high temperature (hpht) before the formation.

Thus, they have the same properties as like the natural diamonds. Besides, grading of those Lab diamonds are followed by the same grading of the natural ones. Ultimately, you get some high-quality diamonds.

A Wide Variety

The natural diamonds are not available in different shapes and formats. They are available in the shape of rocks. Later, they are processed and polished to be made usable. And making varieties of shapes, colors or styles is nearly impossible.

But the scenario is the opposite for the lab created diamonds. They have a wide variety. Also, you can customize the size, shape, color, clarity and cut.