Will A Portable Travel Brush Work For Frizzy Hair?

If you suffer from frizzy hair, you’re not alone! No matter the season, frizz seems to find its way to most women’s hair, even with the most careful steps. Don’t worry, we have a few tips that will help you to keep that frizz out of your hair and allow you to walk around looking on point and beautiful.

So how do you manage frizzy hair without damaging it? Use the right tools including a portable travel brush.

You might think a brush is the last thing you want for your frizzy hair, but the RIGHT brush will tame the frizz, detangle your hair, and prevent breakage – all the things you need to take care of your hair.

How To Brush Frizzy Hair

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t brush frizzy hair and to some aspect it’s true. But everyone needs to brush their hair otherwise you’d have a hot mess on your head.

Before you brush frizzy hair, take these steps:

  • Wash and condition your hair
  •  While you’re in the shower (and with conditioner in) finger comb your hair (or use a wide-toothed comb)
  • Towel dry your hair
  • Apply a moisturizing oil or protectant
  • Style as normal

As the day goes on, if your hair gets frizzy, you need to tame it. Spray your hair with a quality detangling spray (no sulfates or silicones) and brush it using a high-quality travel brush. Using just any brush won’t help the frizz. It will probably hurt it.

Instead, you need a brush with long bristles that get through your hair easily and quickly. Over brushing is a thing – don’t do it. But carefully brushing through the tangles and moisturizing your hair will tame the frizz.

How A Travel Brush Can Help Frizzy Hair

A travel brush does a few things:

  • It detangles your hair and tangles cause frizz. Whether you’re out in the wind, or your hair just gets tangled, touch it up throughout the day to tame the frizz.
  • It calms it down. If you use a travel brush with a quality detangler, they work together to calm your hair down.
  • It fixes your hairdo. No hairdo, no matter who carefully you spray it, stays all day long. Using a quality brush helps put your hair back into place, reducing the risk of frizz ruining your hairstyle.

Carry A Good Portable Brush To Tame Your Frizz

While you don’t want to brush your hair too much, everyone needs to brush their hair throughout the day.

Know how to take care of your type of hair and take the necessary steps daily. Don’t over-wash your hair, but use plenty of conditioner. Brush your hair often to distribute your scalp’s oils throughout your hair and keep it in place.

With the right brush in your purse, you’ll always have beautiful hair that doesn’t tangle or frizz. Get yourself a brush with a compact mirror attached and you will always look your best on-the-go. It’s a great gift to yourself because who doesn’t want to feel beautiful?