Integrated DNA Technologies: Advancing Genetic Research

Company Overview

Founded in 1987, Integrated DNA Technologies has been at the forefront of DNA synthesis and genomics for over three decades. Headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, IDT operates globally, serving academic, government, and commercial researchers with a comprehensive portfolio of genomics products and services.

History and Evolution

Integrated DNA Technologies was established with a mission to democratize access to custom DNA synthesis and molecular biology tools, enabling researchers to accelerate their discoveries and advance scientific knowledge. Over the years, IDT has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of nucleic acid synthesis, purification, and analysis products, becoming a trusted partner for genetic research worldwide.

Core Products

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Integrated DNA Technologies offers custom oligonucleotide synthesis services, providing researchers with high-quality DNA and RNA sequences tailored to their specific experimental needs. With advanced synthesis technologies and quality control measures, IDT delivers oligonucleotides with exceptional purity, accuracy, and yield for a wide range of applications.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Solutions

IDT provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to support next-generation sequencing applications, including library preparation kits, target enrichment panels, and custom oligo pools. With expertise in oligonucleotide design and synthesis, IDT helps researchers optimize their NGS workflows and achieve reliable and reproducible results.

CRISPR Genome Editing Tools

Integrated DNA Technologies offers a wide range of CRISPR genome editing tools, including CRISPR RNA (crRNA), trans-activating CRISPR RNA (tracrRNA), and Cas proteins, to enable precise and efficient genome engineering. With customizable designs and high-quality synthesis, CRISPR products empower researchers to edit genes with unprecedented precision and specificity.

Market Impact and Innovation

Integrated DNA Technologies has had a significant impact on the field of genomics, driving innovation and setting industry standards with its advanced products and solutions. The company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer support has earned it the trust of researchers worldwide, making IDT a preferred supplier for genetic research and discovery.

Commitment to Customer Support

Integrated DNA Technologies is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and technical assistance to its clients, ensuring they receive timely and effective assistance with product selection, experimental design, and troubleshooting. With a team of experienced scientists and support staff, IDT strives to help researchers achieve their scientific goals and advance their research projects.

Future Outlook and Expansion

Integrated DNA Technologies remains committed to innovation and continuous improvement, investing in research and development to expand its product portfolio and address emerging trends and technologies in genomics. The company is exploring new applications such as synthetic biology, single-cell analysis, and precision medicine to further advance genetic research and discovery.


In conclusion, Integrated DNA Technologies plays a pivotal role in advancing genetic research and discovery with its innovative products and solutions. With a rich history of excellence, a comprehensive portfolio of genomics products, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, IDT continues to empower researchers worldwide to unlock the mysteries of the genome and drive scientific progress.