A fashion movement is coming with great to make you fall in love with it: the mini-dresses; beautiful designs and full of colors that will surely take your breath away. This trend is occupying the main lines of short prom dresses of famous design houses such as Jovani Fashions. As summer approaches and with it the beach and the sun and the first cycle of adulthood.

In this article, we would like to share and let you find out and enjoy what the best of the upcoming season brings for you. Each model and color go according to the contexture and skin color of each girl since not all the colors stand out for everybody specific person. That is why the magic of short dresses is revolutionizing the fashion market.

The top 4 colors for this 2019

The combination of the right color with the ideal clothing always impact, but at this prom season, the colors that are being used the most are:

Fuchsia dresses: It is a very bold and daring color, specifically in short dresses look spectacular. This shade goes well with all skin tones from super pale to dark complexions. In the same way, it combines with all kinds of prom themes, from a prom party held outdoors to a fancy and exquisite room prom. As an example, for this look, after doing some research in Jovani’s short prom dresses catalog, we found pieces like the Multi Fit and Flare Spaghetti Straps Short Dress. The design is customed with a sleeveless bodice, v-shaped neckline and open back, accompanied by a flared and pleated short length skirt.

Shiny or metallic dresses: They are one of the hottest trends for this fabulous summer season. Sequins and embroidery arrive with intensity, you can show-off a glamorous figure in the biggest party of the year by wearing short prom dresses. They as well suit a wide variety of skin tones and shapes, primarily benefiting the curvy girls because the details lighten and stylize the silhouette. In this case, we have found the Black Gold High Neck Beaded Short Dress, a style of Stretch fabric, embellished with chain and high neckline; if you want to snatch the prom crown, this design is made for you.

Pieces in pastel: As always, pastel-colored dresses are of the safest bets during prom season, and without hesitation have become part of the fashion trends this season. This color looks fantastic in brown skins as they enhance the color of their complexion and gives them a unique style and elegance. They are mostly used for formal parties since a short dress in this color simply takes the breath away; as it happens with models like the Ivory Glitter Fitted High Neck Short Dress with a fitted silhouette and short over the knee skirt.

Short dresses with belt: One of the loveliest alternatives. The most spectacular and preferred prom lines, like the already mentioned Jovani, are made to carry at both the graduation ceremony and to give the best of you with great dance moves. The belt touch gives a beautiful style, explicitly meant to enhance the waist, so it is best to use it if you are slim.

Chicago Tribune’s Prom dresses take cue from red carpet brings us three fundamental principles to add confidence and feminine power to your choice:

  • Simplicity is the key: In recent years the rage to be the perfect attendee has made some impact more than usual when the most elegant is always the simplest. Bet on ‘easy’ silhouettes and fabrics and essential fabrics with a few accessories.

That is why it’s important to know how to choose dresses according to your frame and your skin type, since all colors are not available for everyone and combinations are essential so that you always look radiant and beautiful.

  • Always picked up: Although in the fashion editorials’ style of wavy hair to the wind is a nice option, at the moment of the truth it is better to opt for a hair-up style one. It doesn’t need to be extremely structured or too formal, it can be a pretend ‘messy’ effect, but it really is graciously done to guarantee an impeccable result.
  • Attitude first: It is 50% of the result of your look. To wear a headdress or striking earrings, it is vital that you feel safe and stomp. So, look in the mirror and say “here I am.”