Totally Fetch: A Look Back at 2000s Fashion

The 2000s was a decade of technological advancements, pop culture dominance by Britney Spears and *NSYNC, and of course, some truly wild fashion trends. From low-rise jeans that threatened to disappear altogether to chunky platforms that added inches to your height, 2000s fashion was all about embracing individuality and having fun with clothes.

Early 2000s: A Blast from the 80s

The early 2000s saw a resurgence of 80s styles. Think denim everything – miniskirts, jackets, shirts – ripped jeans, and puffy jackets popularized by hip-hop artists. Preppy looks with popped collars and tracksuits were also common

Denim Takes Center Stage

Denim remained a constant throughout the decade. But it wasn’t just jeans. Denim jackets, shirts, and even hats became wardrobe staples. Low-rise jeans were all the rage, often paired with crop tops or hoodies. For a more casual vibe, bootcut jeans and cargo pants were popular choices.

Beyond Denim: Comfort and Boho Chic

Leisurewear played a big role in 2000s fashion. Juicy Couture velour tracksuits were a must-have, and yoga pants transitioned from the gym to everyday wear. The late 2000s saw a bohemian influence with flowy peasant tops, cowl necklines, and capri pants.

Accessorizing for the 2000s

No 2000s outfit was complete without the right accessories. Chunky belts, aviator sunglasses, and jelly bracelets were all the rage. For bags, the baguette bag, a small shoulder bag shaped like a loaf of bread, was a popular choice. Ugg boots were a favorite for keeping feet warm in style, while platform sandals and sneakers added height and comfort.

A Legacy of Fun and Experimentation

The 2000s was a decade that dared to be different. While some trends may not have aged well (low-rise jeans, we’re looking at you!), the overall spirit of the era was one of fun and experimentation. Today, many 2000s trends are being revisited with a modern twist, proving that fashion truly does come full circle.