Independent Living

Life after retirement must be relaxing and enjoyable. However, it soon turns into a hustle as adult children and seniors find it difficult to cope with different lifestyles. Elders have their own specific requirements and dreams for the later years of their life. They might need assistance but still, seek an independent and dignified life. An incredible solution to this problem can be retirement villages and communities. You can look for affordable retirement villages in Victoria to ensure respected, comfortable, and safe living after retirement.

Although there have been several reservations about independent living for elders as it is often mistaken for moving to nurse homes. Present-day retirement homes provide plenty of options for choosing lifestyle, amenities, and many other features you would want. These places allow you to live without worries and enjoy every moment the way you want.

Deciding to Move to Independent Living

Independent living is an excellent option for active adults who can manage daily living on their own. They can live in these places with liberty, privacy, and opportunities to socialize. You might consider the following points while deciding to move to an independent living.

  • You enjoy the company of other elders and willingly participate in events planned and organized by others.
  • You want assistance only in emergency cases and like to live on your own otherwise.
  • You prefer private and independent life but cannot maintain your big and isolated home.
  • You enjoy doing your daily work such as cooking meals and other simple housework.

Common Services Provided at Independent Living Post-Retirement

There are plenty of options when you try to choose a retirement home. Many communities provide a wide-range of varying facilities to the residents. You can look around and compare different communities to choose the one that suits best to your needs and lifestyle. Some common facilities provided by almost all retirement homes include:

Meal Services

Retirement villages offer different meal options such as common dining, restaurants, cafes, etc. Some include three meals in the cost of living while others allow you to choose from regular, semi-regular, or on-demand meals. You can also choose to cook your meal by yourself.

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Socialization and Entertainment

Living independently in retirement homes is not lonely. It gives you privacy yet provides several opportunities to socialize. You can befriend your neighbors and meet other co-residents frequently. They conduct events for get-togethers and have common recreation areas with plenty of games and activities.

Permission to Keep Pets

Pets are often the perfect companion for elders living independently. They keep the seniors occupied and reduce their loneliness. Many senior homes allow keeping pets. However, you will have to follow some guidelines as elicited by the community. Some communities also maintain dogs, cats, and other pets and livestock that are shared and enjoyed by all.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Enjoying your later years, you need not worry about maintaining your house. Maintenance facilities for outdoor areas such as drive/walkways and curb and indoor appliances and fixtures are provided to you. They also take care of the housekeeping of the common areas. You can also choose weekly or monthly housekeeping separately if needed.