What is Atoderm Intensive Baume?

Having dry or atopic skin can be a problem for your health or affect you aesthetically. Well, today we will bring you a solution for these problems, the Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume. One of the highest-ranked French skincare products available on the market today.

This is a moisturizing balm that regenerates your skin barrier by using Lipigenium, an exclusive complex developed by Bioderma which is composed of bio lipids naturally present in the epidermis.

In this article, we will tell you in detail everything about this product!

What Can Atoderm Intensive Baume Help You With?

In simple terms, the Atoderm Intensive Baume will provide a protective barrier for your first line of defense: the skin. This Baume will keep away potential aggressors like pollution or dry air, which could make the skin become dry and therefore susceptible to dehydration and cracking.

How is this possible? Simple. The skin has a natural skin barrier that keeps away some agents that could cause harm, like pollution and dry air. When the skin becomes really dry, the skin barrier won’t perform this protective function and may facilitate the penetration of skin irritants. By using the Lipigenium Technology, this Baume will regenerate the skin barrier.

It’s really important to keep your skin hydrated and healthy by providing formulas specially adapted to its needs, applying soothing ingredients every day.

Perks of the Atoderm Intensive Baume

The Atoderm Intensive Baume is a great regenerator for your skin cells. Here we will list you some perks of this balm:

  • Using for a prolonged strengthens the skin.
  • Can be applied for adults, kids and even babies.
  • You’ll feel the alleviating sensation instantly.
  • Feelings of discomfort will be reduced.
  • You can apply it on the face as well in the body.
  • It will be almost instantly absorbed by the skin.
  • It’s non-fragrant.

The Atoderm Intensive Baume, as well as any Bioderma product, is created according to the ecobiology principles, using ingredients that won’t cause harm to the body or the environment. The plastic bottles used to pack the product are 100% recyclable in order to minimize the environmental impact.

How to use the Atoderm Intensive Baume?

Before using this, or any skincare product, it’s important to test it first in order to avoid allergic reactions or side effects. If you don’t experiment with counterproductive reactions, that means that your skin tolerates this product. 

Bioderma developed the 3.6.9 method to systemize the application of the product, indicating the right dose of the balm to use. If applied constantly, you will see great results on your skin in the long term. We will list you the procedure below:

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Balm Ultra-soothing Balm Tube – frenchpharmacy. com

  •  Clear the area where you are going to apply with a gel or an antibacterial.
  • Apply the Atoderm Intensive Baume 
  • Massage the area until the skin absorbs the product following this scheme:

3 pumps for a BABY: 

1 pump for face, neck and chest

1 pump for both arms and back

1 pump for both legs.

6 pumps for a CHILD: 

1 pump for face and neck 

1 pump for chest 

1 pump for back

1 pump for both arms

1 pump per leg (x2).

9 pumps for an ADULT: 

1 pump for face and neck

1 pump for chest

1 pump for back 

1 pump per arm (x2)

2 pumps per leg (x2).

When to use the Atoderm Intensive Baume?

It’s recommended to use the Atoderm Intensive Baume once or twice a day. Yet, you will see sustainable results only in the long-term application. If you feel any discomfort or experience an allergic reaction or side effect, stop using immediately and consult a doctor.